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I would recommend this site to anybody who has at least a passing interest in porn. From buxom brunettes to blonds in bondage, they have it all and then some! They have enough videos to choke a horse, and with a price that is a little lower than most sites, why would you pass this up?
PORN! PORN! PORN! Sometimes I swear that my inner lizard brain drives me to do nothing but watch porno all day. Going out and buying DVDs to feed this habit can get really costly really fast. Lucky for me, I found Through this site I have hundreds of downloadble DVDs at my deviant fingertips for one low cost.
I love this site! Here, there are tons of full-length movies in almost every genre you can think of. Every title is broken down by scene, and you can either download the scene or stream it. There are nice features like "My Favorites" where you can bookmark you're favorite titles (I'm partial to "Dawg the Booty Hunter"), and a database of their most watched and highest rated scenes/DVDs. If you have a favorite starlet, chances are they have at lest a few of her scenes. I love Jena Jameson, and they have 98 of her scenes here. The only drawback I can think of concerning this site, is that there nothing but video. It would help if they had some picture galleries or live cam content.